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Using the pc muscle during sex

What are Kegel exercises? For example, contract and release your PC muscles quickly, several times in succession.

Using the pc muscle during sex

Arnold Kegel originally created Kegel exercises in the late s to help women regain control of their bladders after childbirth. Contract your PC muscle tightly and hold it for 10 seconds Release and relax the muscle for 10 seconds. Depending on your personal penile sensitivity levels, slowing down your thrusting and choosing to go gentler during sex can help stop PE and make intercourse last longer.

Using the pc muscle during sex

Using the pc muscle during sex

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  1. When taken daily, this herb will not only prevent early ejaculation and help you have sex longer but it will also boost your sperm count and increase your fertility.

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    They help hold your organs in place, promoting good bladder control and sexual function. How can they help men?

  3. So what do you have to lose?

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    How can you do Kegel exercises?

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