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The second important factor which has contributed to the full development of culture in Tetouan is the proclamation of the city as the political capital of the Spanish Protectorate in Northern Morocco and the Sahara. Fifthly, art in a variety of forms is one of the most highly developed forms of expression in Tetouani culture. This could be explained by local environmental factors as well as by different cultural tendencies in different Moroccan cities.


This traditionally clear whitewashed city has earned the title of the white dove. Fourthly, much of this documentation is inaccessible to researches, but the real problem is the non existence of serious qualified researchers. Culturally, the three religious groups lived side by side quite harmoniously during certain periods.



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    The fact is that these multiple groups melted to form a Tetouani homogeneous society whose members acquired a strong sense of social consciousness of pertaining to a well identified id stratified Islamic society which developed side by side along with the Jewish community, on the one hand, and the European Chrstian community on the other. Welcome to Tetouan City The Medina of Tetouan has been proclaimed a world cultural heritage by UNECO in and should therefore receive much more publicity as a historical, architectural, cultural and artistic centre.

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