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Studies about an active sex life

In one of my studies on married patients with heart disease, individuals who had a higher frequency of sexual intercourse reported higher marital quality, marital consensus, marital coherence, marital affection expression and overall marital satisfaction. Some of my research is focused on how men and women differ in the links between sexuality , mental and physical health , and relationship quality. Cardiovascular Health Outcomes We include four measures of cardiovascular risk:

Studies about an active sex life

At least half of all medical visits do not cover any discussion about sexual life of patients. Age is measured as a continuous variable in years.

Studies about an active sex life

Studies about an active sex life

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    Among respondents who were sexually active, about half of both men and women reported at least one bothersome sexual problem. Elevated CRP is often used as a marker for systemic inflammation, and it has emerged as an important predictor of CVD Nallanathan et al.

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    Little is known about sexuality among older persons in the United States, despite the aging of the population. The physical act of sex may alleviate stress directly in the same way as does any exercise Salmon

  3. Similar findings were shown in younger men.

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