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Sons of leon sex on fire

Some of the scenes in the video shows Caleb's brothers holding Caleb, who is untied to a soft mattress, Nathan washing his hair in a black water tub, Matthew explaining to Nathan and Jared about Caleb and also Matthew eating a chicken wing and Caleb looking at strange shadows while lying on a soft mattress. The darker, expansive Because of the Times followed in

Sons of leon sex on fire

Thanks to the popular single "Molly's Chambers," the album found moderate success in the U. Composition[ edit ] In an interview with Robbie, Marieke and the Doctor on Australian radio station Triple J , Nathan Followill explained that the band never intended the song to be named "Sex on Fire", and that it was not intended to be about sexuality.

Sons of leon sex on fire

Sons of leon sex on fire

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    Despite giving the album a 4 out of 5, Spin thought the song was 'silly'. In the video, the band is seen playing in the next room at an abandoned factory.

  2. It turned into burning a city down.

  3. They were totally different lyrics. Later that year they embarked on a marathon tour; however, a disastrous show in Texas resulted in frontman Caleb walking off the stage without returning for the end of the set.

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    Their third album, Because of the Times, also reached the number one spot. It was actually going to be "Set Us on Fire", but one of the sound mixers in the studio walked in as we were playing and said, "'Sex on Fire', huh?

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