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Sexism against men in the media

Men are 9 times more likely to be convicted and tried as guilty for a crime than women. Few measures have been taken to ensure that experiences of sexism and harassment can be shared freely online, which creates an open field for online harassers.

Sexism against men in the media

As women have increased their presence in digital spaces, online harassment constantly reminds them that they are transgressing gender boundaries and do not belong in the public sphere. Those voices are not only often ignored but also misrepresented in the mainstream media.

Sexism against men in the media

Sexism against men in the media

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  1. Mezikasa

    Ms Caro said men did not have to feel guilty for something they had not done, and it was not a woman's job to protect men from negative feelings ó something women had done from "time immemorial". It is a manifestation of gendered power imbalances in the global media industry.

  2. Voodoogor

    Women have an equal right to participate in public debate, including in the media, and offer insights and ideas that must be heard.

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