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Sex positions for taurus woman

Their bull nature makes them tend to be dominant personalities but Taurus women are more likely to express that through mothering their partners. Asking them exactly what to do—or adding a role-play element by asking them permission before you do something—can help you zoom in on their pleasure points. Asking for direction can be surprisingly hot, and an Aquarius will only be too happy to oblige.

Sex positions for taurus woman

Who needs the bed? Taurus person likes to take things slowly, concentrating on all the senses.

Sex positions for taurus woman

Sex positions for taurus woman

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  1. Take advantage of this if you are into breasts because Taurus women love to have their nipples sucked, fondled and very gently nibbled on.

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    Still, you believe sex is beautiful, and you love taking your time leading up to the action. On the other hand, luxury is a great turn on for Taurus women.

  3. Click for a complimentary psychic reading. They may love to make you feel like the center of their sexual universe.

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