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Sex and yeast infection treatment

Yeast infections can have similar symptoms to other vaginal infections. Although uncommon, men can get a yeast infection by having unprotected sex with a woman with candidal vaginitis. These symptoms may make it uncomfortable to have sex.

Sex and yeast infection treatment

However, some prevention methods, such as condoms, can help reduce the risk of spreading a yeast infection to a partner. While it is possible for a person with a yeast infection to have sex, most doctors do not recommend having sex until the infection has cleared up. A yeast infection is not a sexually transmitted infection STI.

Sex and yeast infection treatment

Sex and yeast infection treatment

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  1. Goltilkree

    These symptoms may be worse than they were before.

  2. Shanris

    Those who have an uncircumcised penis are more likely to be affected. If you have lingering symptoms after using an over-the-counter treatment, talk with your doctor about other treatment options.

  3. Samumuro

    Many of these creams can be used to treat vaginal or penile yeast infections.

  4. If you opt for alternative treatments , your yeast infection may last several weeks or more.

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