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Origins for sex offender treatment inengland

Because of this an additional program for intellectually disabled offenders was developed. Furthermore, a review of more up-to-date literature as well as additional information on implementing each session was added.

Origins for sex offender treatment inengland

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Origins for sex offender treatment inengland

Origins for sex offender treatment inengland

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  1. Researchers in this field should therefore be aware of this potential confirmation bias. The following sections will examine these implicated factors, which can be organized into three explanatory categories:

  2. Currently, the BPS is being used in more than 50 different institutions in Germany, mostly within the correctional system but also in forensic psychiatry and in the probation service. Also, no norms base-rates etc.

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    Assessment and treatment in the correctional system]. At times, this allowed them to see their clients with greater clarity.

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