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Opinions on comprehensive sex education

Despite this, we still see high levels of support no matter the group. What is most telling is that a large number of studies have reached the clear conclusion that CSE does not lead to earlier sexual initiation or an increase in sexual activity.

Opinions on comprehensive sex education

In middle school, 78 percent or more of both parents that identified as Republicans and Democrats support the inclusion of those topics. Studies have shown that addressing such issues can have a marked impact both in school and the expansion of young people's social networks. If the participant indicated they were undecided or were Independent of a political party, they were removed from this analysis.

Opinions on comprehensive sex education

Opinions on comprehensive sex education

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    These practical skills are cornerstones for healthy lives that may not be formally taught to young people in any other context. At the intersection of education and health, CSE is vital to advancing better health outcomes and gender equality.

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    Respondents Parents were surveyed in July, by Gfk, Inc.

  3. CSE contains components which allow learners to explore and discuss gender, and the diverse spectrum of gender identities that exist within and between and beyond simple heterosexuality. For more information, see Committee Opinion No.

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