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No sex offender zones san francisco

Once neighbors found out about plans for the clinic, they asked for a delay to try to keep it from opening, saying that there are schools and childcare centers close by; some within the foot buffer zone set by the California Department of Corrections. It's a meeting that neighbors say is long overdue.

No sex offender zones san francisco

The distance restriction typically ranges from 1, to 2, feet. Couey is awaiting trial, which a judge has ordered moved to Miami-Dade County, the second change of venue in the heavily publicized case. A decision is expected in the coming months.

No sex offender zones san francisco

No sex offender zones san francisco

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    The law requires those who prey on children younger than 12 to be sentenced to at least 25 years in prison and, if they are released, to be tracked electronically for life. The Supreme Court agreed to hear the matter and is currently considering the constitutionality of retroactively applying Prop.

  2. Runner said he would support legislation that would allow the separation requirement to be adjusted where necessary to address the housing problem in a particular county. Neighbors who oppose the clinic can also go to a Board of Appeals hearing on February 17 to try to stop it from opening.

  3. Now it's unclear whether it can open at all at a proposed site at Church in the Duboce Triangle neighborhood. The third-grader's grandparents had tucked her into bed and she was found missing the next morning.

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