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New study frequent sex sperm

The clinical relevance of this question is tied to optimizing the number of available sperm during the days when conception is most likely. Semen analysis, DNA damage, sperm quality, counseling, male factor infertility Introduction The effect of frequency of ejaculation on semen characteristics is an important clinical question with obvious connections to conception rates. To our knowledge, this is the first study to assess the effect of prolonged, daily ejaculation on conventional semen parameters and measures of DNA integrity.

New study frequent sex sperm

Both manual morphology analyses were performed in a blinded manner following completion of all sample collections. In other older works increasing sexual frequency did appear to increase fecundability in patients recording conception and basal body temperature, although semen characteristics were not assessed in these studies 6 , 7. The Centre for Reproductive Medicine is also updating its IVF protocols to use semen from shorter periods of abstinence.

New study frequent sex sperm

New study frequent sex sperm

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