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Movies about nun that has sex

La Religieuse Nothing like hiding an illegitimately begot kid in a convent, am I right? Sister Angelina gives no fucks. This was seen with many genres done up to that point in Italy, including spaghetti westerns, sword and sandal stories, sex comedies, and giallo [1].

Movies about nun that has sex

The Devils One of the most controversial films of all time, The Devils is a benchmark of controversy both within the bad nun canon, and the medium of film itself. So without further ado, in chronological order, here are 25 of the worst nuns of cinema:

Movies about nun that has sex

Movies about nun that has sex

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    One thing that really stands out is the stunning visuals and location shots around the watery locale of Apulia, Italy.

  2. Most of the convent and surrounding areas where also shot in this location, with most of the nunnery being shot in an actual monastery. School of the Holy Beast This Japanese production tells the modern story of a young woman who becomes a nun in order to investigate the death of her mother, who was a nun at the convent.

  3. Heavenly Creatures, but Satan.

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    He is credited with directing motion pictures, including a werewolf movie with Lon Chaney Jr. When women who had played romantic roles went on to portray nuns, audiences might have expected a little sexual frisson.

  5. Witchcraft Through the Ages is the forbidden fruit that keeps on giving. The Cardinal wants to get rid of the priest and an opportunity presents it to them when the lustful and jealous hunchback nun Jeanne Vanessa Redgrave accuses Grandier of witchcraft and possession.

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