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Journal of teenage safe sex

Skills-based intervention programs should not neglect the skills of learning where to find condoms as well as rehearsals of purchasing condoms in stores or requesting them in clinics. To our knowledge, no such meta-analysis has been published to date, despite a number of narrative reviews and calls for better synthesis of the literature. Partner change was associated with use of condoms; use was more likely with new sexual partners than with continuing ones.

Journal of teenage safe sex

The number of reported occasions of anal sex was insufficient for meaningful analysis. Then, additional studies of potential relevance were located by examining review articles related to sexual communication.

Journal of teenage safe sex

Journal of teenage safe sex

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    These were asked primarily to distract respondents from the study's focus; in this way, any preconceptions that respondents might have had about the link between substance use and risky sex would not bias their responses.

  2. These included gender, age, recruitment setting, study location, topic of communication i.

  3. These selection criteria resulted in a final sample of 34 articles Figure 1.

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    Leigh BC, Alcohol consumption and sexual activity as reported with a diary technique, Journal of Abnormal Psychology, , 3: No relationship between alcohol consumption and condom use was found.

  5. Two groups were formed randomly, one being the control group and one being the SSR intervention group. Increasingly, one factor that has been associated with safer sexual behavior is sexual communication, defined as the ability to discuss and negotiate safer sex with a partner Noar,

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