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How to make your sex life more interesting

The thing is, you like sex a lot. When you're ready to move on to oral sex, or to bring in a few sex toys, speak up.

How to make your sex life more interesting

Read the list every morning. Recharge your sexual batteries by doing things that let you break free from your hectic everyday life, says Berman. That's because when a woman experiences chronic tension, her body produces higher levels of oxytocin, a chemical that cancels out the effects of the sex hormone testosterone.

How to make your sex life more interesting

How to make your sex life more interesting

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As a celebrity, your dating takes a nosedive. Offers are, this doesn't become often enough. How to make your sex life more interesting

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    When you're relaxed and feeling good about yourself, sex will start to seem within the realm of possibility again. If you can't head off for the weekend, go out to dinner instead.

  2. Shalmaran

    Even in this enlightened age, women still spend about an hour more each day than men on household chores and childcare. Seeing him in a place that doesn't have anything to do with you will reveal a different side of him and reconnect you with the person you fell in love with.

  3. You used to have so much fun in bed, but suddenly your sex life just isn't what it used to be.

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    Touch each part and say aloud what you like about it this will help to reinforce your feelings, says Berman.

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