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Hatching hybrid sex link chickens

All chicks hatch black, but cockerels have a white or yellow dot on top of the head. A selection of hybrid laying hens Hybrids do not breed true so when you need more of them, you have to go back to crossing the original stock again.

Hatching hybrid sex link chickens

When these chicks hatch, the males will be white, the females will have a red cast. I have even seen an advertisement on Craigslist for "full blooded Golden Comets". Most commercial strains use smaller parent birds for better feed to egg conversions.

Hatching hybrid sex link chickens

Hatching hybrid sex link chickens

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  1. This hybridization produces male chicks, or cockerels, of one color and female chicks, or pullets, of another and sometimes a different feather count in wings.

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    On our farm, we feel that most of our chicks are to good for a dumpster. If you are gearing for egg production only use smaller framed parents for best feed to egg conversions.

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