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Divorce wife withholds sex five years

While it's possible for a healthy person to be abused by their loved one's dysfunctional behavior, most often, both people in a marriage are contributing to the problem. Whether she's withholding sex as a conscious way to manipulate her man or as a self-protective measure, the underlying reason is the same:

Divorce wife withholds sex five years

But it also helps justify to you that it is ok not to have sex. Sex is the path that God created to draw your man to you and bind the two of you together.

Divorce wife withholds sex five years

Divorce wife withholds sex five years

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    Continue to check back for more content on this topic in the coming weeks. Sexual abuse victims, people with attachment disorders, and people who feel powerless may withdraw from intimacy as a means of protecting themselves.

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    She rejects sex after an argument that took place a week ago.

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