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Did the shakers have sex as a culture

From their inception, Shaker communities were known for their manufactured goods. Set it upon some hollow thing such as a chest or a box or even upon a table [and] it sounded very well. One written at Lebanon says that it was received from a Negro spirit at Canterbury.

Did the shakers have sex as a culture

Men usually did most of the outside work and heavy manufacturing, and women were responsible for domestic work, cooking, and traditional female work such as cloth making and weaving. But as other churches crept gradually into more elegant musical tastes, the Shakers came to regard their own monophonic song as a badge of their separation from the world.

Did the shakers have sex as a culture

Did the shakers have sex as a culture

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  1. The manuscripts identify the song as a Quick Dance, but give conflicting word of its origin. The Shakers never forbade marriage for such individuals, but considered it less perfect than the celibate state.

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    As we have received the Grace of God through Jesus Christ, by the gospel, and are called to follow peace with all men, we cannot, consistent with our faith and conscience, bear the arms of war, for the purpose of shedding the blood or any, or doing anything to justify or encourage it in others. After , there was no one single leader, but rather a small nucleus of elders exercising control.

  3. The origins of the Shakers, like many other religious sects that splintered off mainstream Protestantism, are found in the 17th century. No believing husband or wife is allowed by our rules to separate from an unbelieving partner, except by mutual agreement:

  4. The Shakers soon became known for the high quality of their craftsmanship and work. Thus celibacy eventually became one of the four tenets of the Shaker religion:

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    Witness the invention by Brother Isaac N.

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