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Contraversy in teaching sex education

A questionnaire designed to test the feelings of public school teachers, students and community members was undertaken in a stable, conservative town of in Ohio. They fear that the adoption of these measures would present obstacles that would undermine comprehensive sex education programs. Read the text-only version of these graphics here.

Contraversy in teaching sex education

Everett Koop called for sex education in schools beginning as early as the third grade. Granger said school programs need to work on adapting to current health issues and trends that affect the scope of sexual health literacy.

Contraversy in teaching sex education

Contraversy in teaching sex education

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  1. Fezshura

    So whose responsibility is it to make sure young people have the information they need to make healthy choices?

  2. Certain traditions are reproduced generation after generation. September 18, by Nursing USC Staff When only 13 states in the nation require sex education to be medically accurate, a lot is left up to interpretation in teenage health literacy.

  3. In a survey, for example, nine in 10 teachers of sexuality education in grades reported that they taught their students about abstinence.

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