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Bombay gay

Much seemed to have changed in the intervening half century. In his youth, Zareer found it impossible to live an openly gay life in the country of his birth.

Bombay gay

Attempts were made in the recent past to overthrow an old colonial law making homosexuality a crime punishable by life imprisonment. Gay men in India are slowly becoming more confident in public The Boyfriend deals with love between an openly gay man and a young boy who feels unable to pursue his gay instincts, just like millions of other Indian men.

Bombay gay

Bombay gay

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  1. The party's organisers had initially refused to allow photography.

  2. Thriving scene Indeed, Bombay's gay scene is thriving by any standards. But with a renewed Hindu nationalism dominant in both political and cultural life, Zareer returns to Mumbai formerly Bombay to find out whether growing acceptance of gay rights is being put in reverse.

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    I would say this view is more uplifting in my opinion than the crowded bay that you see on the Gateway side, at least I can't stop photographing it every chance I get: Courage to come out Bombay's monthly gay night comes just eight years after the city played host to India's first gay conference.

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