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Artificial insemination and sex ratio

On this regard, the knowledge of the factors that may affect success of the insemination techniques is determinant to obtain successful pregnancies and an adequate number of offspring per litter. The importance for breeders lies in genetic improvement of the breed. These authors hypothesized that under these circumstances, such skewed offspring sex ratios actually exist.

Artificial insemination and sex ratio

There is a substantial quantity of unrecognized embryonic and early fetal losses viz. Data consists of a total of newborns from 86 whelping records from 52 bitches from ten different breeds aged 15 to 99 months monitored from breeding to whelping.

Artificial insemination and sex ratio

Artificial insemination and sex ratio

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    Ex hypothesi, small litters would be the consequence of female-biased embryonic and fetal losses. The importance of artificial insemination to canine reproduction is steadily increasing.

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