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Alternative methods for sex wheelchairs

Despite repeated reminders, no further people were recruited. The impossibility of examining the permanent or temporary use of wheelchairs is one of the weaknesses of this material.

Alternative methods for sex wheelchairs

The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. The prevalence of wheelchair users is thus lower in France than in other western countries such as UK 12 3 times as many users , Canada 6 1. This increase and the place taken by wheelchair use in our modern societies deserves close attention from urbanists, architects and transport companies.

Alternative methods for sex wheelchairs

Alternative methods for sex wheelchairs

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    This lack of guaranteed reward may have influenced participation.

  2. Twenty seeds from diverse organisations were invited to complete the survey then circulate it to peers within their networks following a well-defined protocol. The HID surveys do not allow us to differentiate between standard wheelchairs and tailor-made wheelchairs, yet available literature reports strong social disparities in this spread

  3. J Hist Med Allied Sci ;

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    This lack of guaranteed reward may have influenced participation. We chose to characterize social milieu via socioprofessional category.

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