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18 year old girl first time sex

Age at first sexual intercourse ranged from 10 years through 25 years, with a mean of The increased STI risk is due, in part, to a biologic predisposition of the immature cervix to infection if exposed 4 6 and to the increased likelihood of engaging in riskier sexual behaviors among persons who initiate sexual intercourse at younger ages 3 , 7 9. Furthermore, although the sexual network structures may have differed somewhat between these infections, the sexual behavioral risks were likely to have been similar.

18 year old girl first time sex

Life-course theory proposes that societal expectations exist regarding the appropriate times for important transitions, and there can be consequences if life events do not meet these normative expectations 10 This is an important question, because contracting STIs during young adulthood can have significant adverse consequences for reproductive health. When examined in 1-year age increments, the STI prevalence for all current ages was above 5 percent.

18 year old girl first time sex

18 year old girl first time sex

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    The subsequent sexual trajectory may produce adverse adult outcomes, such as elevated risk of STI. Data analysis We used Stata software version 7.

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    Other variables included the sex of the respondent male referent vs. In the National Survey of Family Growth, women who reported earlier first intercourse were also more likely to report a history of bacterial STI

  3. Approximately one third of participants had had intercourse by age 15 years, and over 90 percent had had intercourse by age 19 years.

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